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Arte’s 2017 Litter

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Our Boy, Cedarwood's Orion of Bear Manor. and his betrothed, Artemis of Bear Manor - have conceived their second litter - 5 healthy puppies - - 4 males and 1 female. We have lined up 5 great homes (one of them ours), and THANK YOU that responded with inquires. This litter is a month away from going to new great homes. Arte thanks you, too.
Puppies Named!

We usually select Shakespeare play characters for our litter names. This time, we were inspired by the strength and tenacity of our first female born. While being the smallest of her litter (though equal to her youngest brother), she had the greatest strength. She reminded me of a good friend who while small, takes on the greatest challenges, named Winne. To complete the naming, we looked into the root of the name Winnie. At the time of King Arthur, Guinevere was called Winnie, so the Boys took the names: Arthur, Gawain, Lancelot and the little guy, Merlin…BUT Artemis didn't approve - so we went back to the drawing board - and found that the four main Archangels represent the Four Elements, so the boys got their names, and Winnie got named Awen, which means Spirit or flowing inspiration to help his mother and father get along and well balanced.

BORN : May 6, 2017

The Low-down

#1 WINNE (AWEN) Female- Tri-color with eye patches (Taken)
#2 MICHAEL Male- Big male all white
#3 RAFEAL Male- B&W -with many patches (Taken)
#4 URIEL Male- Male- Big male all white
#5 GABRIEL Male- All White - equally sized to #1 female

Enjoy some photos from a truly
Happy Birthday and the first 3 weeks.
I”ll post again after 6 weeks - if I can wait!

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Dr. April Warhola, our dear friend and chiropractor to humans, as well as dogs, came by at 3 weeks to check Arte and the pups. Everyone appreciated her visit and skill. The pupping process is extremely challenging for all involved - it’s great to have all the right folks around to help.
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This is our B&W male,
Lancelot, snoozing after a meal -
sorry girl’s, he’s taken.

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Here’s Winnie in a pensive mood, with one of her mom’s favorite toys. Arte has had a set of small toys that we call her babies - as she keeps them together and looks after them with love. They are now going to be part of her real litter. It’s like they are all coming to life with each passing day.
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Being the only female from Arte’s litter, she will remain with her Mother and her Dad at our house. This was taken the day she opened her eyes for the first time. She fits in already.

The pups are doing great and we are looking forward to some fun weeks ahead.

Mom and the kids are doing great. Arte is eating 6 meals a day and drinking gallons of water. She spends 75% of her day in the whelping box with her kids, and they all are nursing with vigor! Orion is staying a respectful distance. This is Arte’s second litter, and Orion's fourth!

At 3 weeks, we try to give mom a break and supplement the pups with Goat’s milk. This promotes the Lapping behavior to encourage the pups to eventually learn to eat more solid foods — but for now - the milk is a luxury and a novelty. Good thing the goat farm isn’t too far away, and fresh milk is available. Cool to see the goat milking operation - Thanks Decimal Place Farm!

We typically keep the pups together for 10 weeks, then begin the slow process of letting them go to new homes. We expect our new families to come to Atlanta (either fly or drive) to pick them up. We will provide a new Kennel for each, toys, beds and first collars, as well as all the necessary paperwork for each pup.

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To see the Bear Manor Cotons Video Channel

I'm terrible at updating this website - - go to the YOUTUBE channel for realtime action at the Bear Manor Cotons - Puppy Central!
but here is one more photo for you. They are out!

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