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Oops! We did it again!

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Last year Orion and Uma had a great litter of 5 pups, and now our next litter
has been born - Artemis’s first litter - May 30, 2016.
It’s finally time for Uma to pass the torch to her Daughter, Artemis.

The kid’s are taking over.

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Our Boy, unrelated male, Cedarwood's Orion of Bear Manor.
and his betrothed, Artemis - have conceived a litter of their own,
but due to complications Arte only had one live pup - a female.

Unfortunately, we can not take any more ‘letters of interest’ from great homes, Arte’s little girl will stay home with us.

See all the news about Orion’s first litter on Uma's 2015 Litter Page

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Throw-back Thursday:
Here’s Orion as a young man (on left) with his new pal Artemis of Bear Manor,
his future mate, but for now - he was fine with just being friends.

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